The is a blood test requiring a blood draw.

Your kit contains complete instructions and 2 tubes.

We recommend the following steps:


  1. Call ahead and ask your doctor if you can have the blood drawn in his/her office; or call an independent blood draw station and make an appointment to have your blood drawn.


  1. Take the kit with you, fill out your part on the Test Request Form and give the sheet to the person who will draw your blood.  There are instructions for this person on the other side of this sheet.


  1. Once your blood is drawn, it will need to sit for a little bit and then be centrifuged.

  1. The person handling this will then remove 4 ml of serum from the tube and put it into the smaller plastic tube with a screw top.

  1. You place this smaller plastic tube into the Styrofoam kit box with the Test Request Form and put this in the mailing sleeve box.
        1. Return it to us with the return envelope and shipping label.